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A healthy and beautiful start, PLAND is with us

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PLAND, dedicated to meeting customer needs through research, development, and production of products, maintains a business presence in various fields, including cosmetics materials (raw materials), household chemical products utilizing related technologies, personal care, body, and hair products.

As a leader in creating beauty, PLAND strives to provide customers with unique and effective experiences through aesthetic and innovative approaches, working tirelessly to boost customer confidence and beauty at every moment.

All products are manufactured based on scientific research, advanced technology, and the highest quality raw materials found in nature, promoting healthy and ethical products. With PLAND's creative ideas and professional expertise, continuous innovation is underway, redefining standards of beauty even in this moment.

We respect the diverse beauty of our customers, and as a brand that values inclusivity and diversity, we will always stand by you.

Thank you.

  • Beauty
  • Innovation
  • Healthy products
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • R&D